Stand up meeting 的經驗談

Scrum Meetings for Test

當第一次retrospective meeting時, 整個team 同意stand up meeting帶來許多好處. 就像這篇文章的作者所說的, stnad up meeting 可以幫助
1. Doing this helps me keep the pulse of the team and--more importantly--helps the team keep its own pulse.

2. It also encourages the team to act as a team.
 - In a scrum meeting, everyone learns what everyone else is doing. 
 - If someone has experience in something someone else is struggling with, they offer their assistance. 
 - The team starts supporting itself and the overall output increases.

作者有提到, 原先軟體開發流程有須多陷阱 
1. 各個Role 是對立和分開的
- RD 開發, QA 檢查其是否正確, 各司其職
- 並沒有工作是要互相幫忙

2. 每個人容易變成silo
- 分配到一項工作後, 各自帶開去做
- 遇到問題你可能會對其他人說, 也可能不會

所以stand up meeting 確實可以幫助mitigate這些問題.

但是作者也承認, 也許多地方他們沒有做的很好, 從中他們得到一些教訓:

1. Scrum is disruptive. 
- Programming is a matter of building up a mental map of the problem and then writing down the solution.
- Once someone has this map built up they can work efficiently. 
- Having to change to another function is akin to swapping out the pages of the map. 
- Trying to start back up again requires paging everything back in which is slow. 
- Unfortunately, the human backing store isn't always stable and some paged out data gets lost.
2. Don't run scrum too often. 
- During a time where you are burning down bugs, meeting daily can be useful. 
- During the rest of the time, meeting daily is too often. 
- There isn't enough new to report and, worse, it tends to become disruptive. 
- Perhaps someone who has done daily scrum during the development phase can explain how this is avoided.

3. Scrum can't be seen as judgmental. 
- I found that without some calibration, team members felt that they were being judged by their progress. 
- If they didn't have something new to report, they felt it would be held against them. 
- Because of this, they didn't want to show up. 
- The solution was making it very clear that scrum meetings were all about status. 
- Being open is much more important than the level of productivity any individual was able to demonstrate. 
- The purpose isn't to take notes for the next review.  Being explicit about this helped.

4. Don't get bogged down in details. 
- The natural tendency of engineers when faced with a problem is to solve it. 
- This is good, but scrum isn't the place for solving problems.  It is the place for surfacing them. 
- Solutions should be derived outside the meeting. 
- Keep the meetings to their scheduled time limits. 
- Don't allow discussions to get into too many details. 
- Instead, take a note and have a followup discussion later.

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  • Steven Mak
  • 該文作者好像忘了Standing up只是問3條問題,時間一般不會長過15分鐘。
  • kojenchieh
  • 可能有很多team在run的時候並沒有照這三個問題在執行

    我曾經看過有人提出, 這三個問題並不一定會很有用, 所以他們有些變形出現

    像是問題會改成: 是否可以描述哪些工作是你昨天說要做, 但是沒有做到
    的, why?

    我想或許這是看run的時候, 大家怎麼回答問題. 如果回答起來像是流水
    帳, 或許manager可能會做些調整, 讓回答更specific, 或是更有效率


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