Don't Work

每次我在做bug review, "Don't work"是我最怕看到的. 因為這句是沒有太多意義的, 而且會讓人家覺得我們家的QA不夠專業.

作者提到當看到don't work可能代表這些意義
1. Pretty unlikely.
- For all we tease developers sometimes, it's pretty darn rare for a feature to not work at all under any circumstances.

2. Antagonistic.
- Congratulations. You've basically accused the implementors of totally screwing up, quite possibly on
(RD和QA之所以會互相看不順眼, 這些地方都是導火線)

3. Really hard to do anything about.
- What exactly is actionable about that statement? What are you expecting the person to do?

所以當你在寫下don't work 之前, 你要先好好想一想, 確認你是否有做到下面幾件事
1. Being polite.
2. Being precise about what you did and what you saw.
3. Expressing a desired action, whether its a fix or some help tracking the issue down, or just a sounding board for a rant.

請記得, 專業的人要有專業的行為, 不要再讓我看到 don't work了!!


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